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Girls/Boys Developmental Gymnastics

Girls & Boys Gymnastics Programs & Classes

At Maximum Athletics, we offer developmental and recreational girls & boys gymnastics classes in the Woodlands and Conroe for ages 5 and up. We offer indoor gymnastics classes for beginners through advanced. The gymnasts advance at their own pace to higher levels based on a specific curriculum of drills and skills.

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The emphasis of our Developmental Girls & Boys Gymnastics Program is to develop strength, flexibility, balance, and positive self-esteem. Gymnastics builds core strength and flexibility, as well as discipline, and it prepares your athlete to be successful in any sport they wish to pursue. Most importantly, we pride ourselves in training our gymnasts in a safe and fun environment so that they can focus on discovering their passions and capabilities. 

Athletes learn skills and drills on all Olympic events. The girls' gymnastics classes are comprised of lessons on Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, and Floor Exercise. Boys will learn Rings, Horizontal Bar, Parallel Bars, Pommel Horse, Vault, and Floor Exercise. Both girls and boys will receive lessons on our Tumble Trak and Trampoline!

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Boys Classes

Level 1/2
Tues (5&up)4:30 pmCoach Wes
Wed (5&up)4:30 pmCoach Randi

Girls Classes

Level 1
Mon (5&up)12:00 pmCoach Kristy
Mon (5-7 yrs)5:30 pmCoach Keanu
Mon (All Ages)5:30 pmCoach Will
Tues (5-7 yrs)5:30 pmCoach Randi
Tues (All Ages)5:30 pmCoach Keanu
Tues (8&up)7:30 pmCoach Randi
Wed (5-7 yrs)5:30 pmCoach Keanu
Wed (5-7 yrs)5:30 pmCoach Will
Wed (5-7 yrs)6:30 pmCoach Frank
Thurs (All Ages)2:00 pmCoach Dana
Thurs (All Ages)4:30 pmCoach Frank
Thurs (All Ages)6:30 pmCoach Macie
Thurs (5-7 yrs)7:00 pmCoach Wes
Fri (All Ages)6:30 pmCoach Randi
Level 2
Mon (All Ages)6:30 pmCoach Will
Tues (5-7 yrs)4:30 pmCoach Keanu
Tues (8&up)6:30 pmCoach Keanu
Wed (5-7 yrs)4:30 pmCoach Keanu
Thurs (All Ages)5:30 pmCoach Will
Fri (5-7 yrs)4:30 pmCoach Frank
Fri (8&up)5:30 pm Coach Randi
Level 3
Wed (All Ages)5:30 pmCoach Frank
Wed (All Ages)7:30 pmCoach Will
Thurs (All Ages)5:30 pm Coach Frank

Girls & Boys Classes

Level 1
Wed 12:00 pmCoach Wes

Boys Classes

Level 1
Mon (All Ages)6:30 pmCoach Garrett
Level 2
Mon (All Ages)4:30 pmCoach Garrett

Girls Classes

Level 1
Mon (5-7yrs)4:30 pmCoach Nicole
Tues (5-7yrs)4:30 pmCoach Nicole
Wed (5-7yrs)4:00 pmCoach Nicole
Thurs (5-7yrs)4:30 pmCoach Taylor
Mon (All Ages)5:30 pmCoach Sam
Thurs (All Ages)6:00 pmCoach Taylor
Sat (All Ages)11:00 amCoach Nicole
Level 2
Wed (5-7yrs)5:00 pmCoach Nicole
Wed (5-7yrs)6:00 pmCoach Nicole
Thurs (5-7yrs)4:00 pmCoach Nicole
Thurs (5-7yrs)5:00 pmCoach Sam
Mon (8&up)6:30 pmCoach Nicole
Tues (8&up)6:00 pmCoach Mollie
Thurs (8&up)5:00 pmCoach Nicole
Wed (All Ages)4:00 pmCoach Adam
Fri (All Ages)6:00 pmCoach Nicole
Sat (All Ages)9:00 amCoach Nicole
Level 3
Mon (8&up)5:30 pmCoach Nicole
Wed (All Ages)6:30 pmCoach Taylor
Thurs (All Ages)6:00 pmCoach Nicole
Level 4
Thurs (All Ages)6:00 pmCoach Derrick

*waitlist class needs 3 to open

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