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Pre-School Programs

Preschool Gymnastics Classes

We have curated our preschool gymnastics programs to keep in mind that early childhood training for any athletic activity is the key to success in sports today and physical fitness understanding for tomorrow. A child’s ability to move, think, and develop a positive self-concept is dependent on the type and quality of the environment in which he or she interacts. A child’s body is the starting point for all learning. Giving your child the opportunity to develop these much-needed skills in our preschool gymnastics classes is our goal at Maximum Athletics, LLC.

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Children will receive training on the trampoline, floor exercise, balance beam, and bars (all age and size appropriate). We focus on basic motor skills, rhythm coordination, body strength, and self confidence.

Our program uses the sport of gymnastics to challenge boys and girls to explore and expand their developing capabilities. This approach helps to prepare each child for future involvement in all athletics including, of course, gymnastics.

Our preschoolers are divided based on their age into different classes. The classes we offer are…

  • Mini-Mites (Ages 18 mos-3 years)
  • Dyna-Mites (Ages 3 years-4 years)
  • Kinder-Mites (Ages 4 years-5 years)
  • Dyna/Kinder-Mites (Ages 3 years-5 years)
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Boys and Girls Classes

Min Mites (Ages 18mos-3yrs)
Mon5:15 pmCoach Wes
Tues6:15 pmCoach Macie
Thurs6:15 pmCoach Wes
Dyna Mites (Ages 3-4yrs)
Mon6:15 pmCoach Wes
Thurs5:15 pmCoach Wes
Dyna/ Kinder Mites (Ages 3-5yrs)
Mon9:00 amCoach Wes
Mon4:15 pmCoach Wes
Tues5:15 pmCoach Macie
Thurs4:15 pmCoach Macie
Kinder Mites (Ages 4-5yrs)
Tues6:30 pmCoach Wes
Advanced Pe-School (Ages 3-5yrs)
Tues6:30 pmCoach David
Mini Mites (Ages 18mos-3yrs)
Mon10:15 amCoach Andrea
Mon4:15 pmCoach Kayla
Tues5:15 pmCoach Kayla
Dyna-Mites (Ages 3-4yrs)
Mon9:15 amCoach Andrea
Mon4:15 pmCoach Angie
Tues10:15 amCoach Andrea
Tues4:15 pmCoach Kayla
Wed6:15 pmCoach Kayla
Thurs4:15 pmCoach Bryanna
Kinder-Mites (Ages 4-5yrs)
Mon11:15 amCoach Andrea
Mon5:15 pmCoach Angie
Mon3:15 pmCoach Andrea
Wed4:15 pmCoach Garrett
Thurs5:15 pmCoach Bryanna
Dyna/Kinder Mites (Ages 3-5yrs)
Mon6:15 pmCoach Angie
Tues9:15 amCoach Andrea
Wed3:15 pmCoach Garrett
Sat10:00 amCoach Garrett/Sydney

* Waitlist class needs 3 to open

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